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Arashi no Ato

#2623 Arashi no Ato

Alternative: 嵐のあと , After a Storm
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko
Genres: Romance , Yaoi

The Sequel to; 'Signal'.

From Attractive Fascinante: Sakaki, a president of an import interior company, wouldn’t get serious with anyone. He became afraid when he started to care about Okada, a hetero. Sakaki couldn’t remember anything when he found himself waking up in Okada’s home. With Okada’s unconscious speech and conduct, Sakaki felt bothered. Will the storm calm down?

Haiiro no Umi

#11271 Haiiro no Umi

Alternative: 灰色の海 , 灰色的海 , The Grey Sea
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko

The forbidden love between a samurai and a craftsman.

Hana wa Saku ka

#622 Hana wa Saku ka

Alternative: does the flower bloom , does the flower bloom? , hana wa sakuka , 不知花開否 , 花は咲くか , Hana wa Sakuka , Does the flower bloom? , Klang der Zikaden , Hidden Flower , هل تتفتح الزهرة؟
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko

Overworked, still single, 38-year-old salaryman Sakurai Kazuaki collides with a young man at the train station - causing the magazine he was carrying to be spoiled. This young man, Minagawa Youichi, is a student at an art college and lives in a big, old-fashioned mansion with two of his cousins. Since he happens to own the same magazine, he takes Sakurai to his house, saying "If I trade my copy with yours, you'll have nothing to complain about, right?"

Despite feeling annoyed and frustrated by the unsociable Youichi's arrogant behaviour, Sakurai soon finds himself a frequent visitor of the secluded household, inexplicably drawn to its enigmatic owner...

Hatsukoi no Atosaki

#1607 Hatsukoi no Atosaki

Alternative: 初恋のあとさき , 初恋的过程 , Consequences of First Love , Hatsukoi no Katei , The Process of First Love
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko

Nishima is doing well at his prestigious company but after divorcing from a loveless marriage his success at work seems empty. A chance meeting at a cafe brings him into contact with the owner, Miyama, an old high-school classmate. It seems that Miyama has forgotten him until he asks Nishima why he's no longer wearing a wedding ring and what Nishina said to him 10 years ago in high school.

Mizutama Puzzle

#5821 Mizutama Puzzle

Alternative: 水珠拼图 , Waterdrop Puzzle , 水玉パズル
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko

The romance story follows a young man who works at a restaurant and a career woman who works at a hotel. The man has taken an interest in the woman after always seeing on the same train together, and suddenly calls out to her.

Nidome no Koi (HIDAKA Shoko)

#5207 Nidome no Koi (HIDAKA Shoko)

Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko
Genres: Comedy , Romance , Yaoi

Fujiwara is a man of unusual tastes—he finds plain-looking, borderline unattractive men appealing. And Karahashi, his lover and middle school teammate, has started to be insecure about this. What will he do to keep Fujiwara’s attention?

This is a continuation of Shiranai Kao chapter 4.


>Shiranai Kao
( )

Out (HIDAKA Shoko)

#10189 Out (HIDAKA Shoko)

Alternative: Out (HIDAKA Shoko) , Out (HIDAKA Shouko)
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko

Yoshino moves to a building owned by his college friend, Kuga. While hanging out with him, Yoshino starts to admire Kuga for his decisiveness and free style of living. But what if Kuga's feelings towards Yoshino aren't only those of a friendship?

Shiranai Kao

#4063 Shiranai Kao

Alternative: 知らない顔 , Hatsukoi no Hito , Geliebter Freund , 陌生的容颜 , Unknown Face , Visages inconnus (French)
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko

As a child Tanabe was always tagging behind Haruyama, but in high-school after he became a ping-pong ace their relationship is gradually getting worse. Who is the one tagging along for real and why is Tanabe always so quiet? A touching and yet funny story with ping-pong as its background.

This volume also contains a one-shot about one very interesting hairdresser and a two-chapter story about a dentist and his fated client.

Yuuutsu na Asa

#612 Yuuutsu na Asa

Alternative: 憂鬱な朝 , Ein melancholischer Morgen , Blue Morning
Authors/Artists: Hidaka Shoko

After the death of his father, Akihito Kuze became the family head of a viscountcy at the age of 10. A major-domo, Tomoyuki Katsuragi, who has both brains and beauty, takes care of the young master. Katsuragi is talented and very popular in society, but he is cold to Akihito. Does Katsuragi hate Akihito!? Akihito begins to be attracted to Katsuragi and wants to know the reason why Katsuragi is cold to him and…!?
A classical romance of a young viscount and a butler.

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