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Ai no Konseki - Yajuu Gunsou to Aigan Guni

#802 Ai no Konseki - Yajuu Gunsou to Aigan Guni

Alternative: 愛の痕跡 ~野獣軍曹と愛玩軍医~ , 霧隠れの恋 , Ai no Konseki , Kirigakure no Koi , Love in the Dense Fog , Scarred with Love
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin

From Fantasyshrine:

Passionate love that burns the body!!
Also included raving, popular ninja series “Kirigakure no Koi”!!

Story 1) "Ai no Konseki - Yajuu Gunsou to Aigan Guni"
Army physician, Misono, was stationed in the southern frontline when he first met the wild Sergeant Kizaki. One day, the infirmary was bombed and Misono wouldn’t have survived if not for Kizaki. However, while Misono was delirious with malaria fever and shock, Kizaki preyed on him!

Story 2) "Kirigakure no Koi" (Love in the Dense Fog)
Rookie ninja Mozu was entrusted with a dangerous mission-- to assassinate his master's master, the rumored ninja defector, Tobimaru! To help Mozu with this impossible mission, his master, Kirimaru, must teach Mozu how to lure Tobimaru with sex!

Aigan Shounen

#166 Aigan Shounen

Alternative: 愛玩少年 , The Playmate Boy
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Adult , Drama , Historical , Romance , Smut , Yaoi

(From Fantasy Shrine)

Since he first met Baron Kuroba, Seiji has been secretly in love with the master of the Kuroba Manor, where servants were rumored to be attacked by a vampire. However, Baron Kuroba only sees Seiji as a lap dog that needs to be disciplined for his carnal pleasures. How can Seiji convince the baron, who doesn’t believe in love, to love him back?

The book also contains the extra story of a forbidden love between an officer and his student.

Warning: Deals with themes of rape, sadism, necrophilia, and blood.

Bed no Shita no Himitsu

#890 Bed no Shita no Himitsu

Alternative: ベッドの下の秘密 , Beddo no Shita no Himitsu
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Yaoi

From Fantasyshrine:

The Defense Army Headquarters is swept up by the tidal wave of passion ignited by its commander, Colonel Rosenberg x Hans. The man x man couples are taking over the border including a captain of the imperial guard across the desert, a serious, young officer-in-training, and a spy from a faraway country, etc. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight to the platter of bishies!

Doutei Saizensen (Prequel)

Datenshi dj - Harem Nights

#1055 Datenshi dj - Harem Nights

Alternative: ハーレム・ナイト
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Comedy , Doujinshi , Yaoi

The Army is gearing up for their leave now that they have their bonus in hand. Red Light District, here they come...?

Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta

#275 Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta

Alternative: 堕天使に捧げる詩 , Devote verse for Lucifer , The Dictatorial Archangel
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Comedy , Smut , Yaoi

After their H-packed honeymoon, Colonel Michel Rosenberg and his love, Hans, should be enjoying their peaceful life in the battlefront if not for the enemy led by Colonel Kingstone. Then a new storm struck, in the guise of Colonel Rosenberg’s younger brother, Kurt, who turned out to be an even bigger tyrant than the colonel. Will Hans be able to tolerate Kurt’s tongue-lashing…?

Enjoy the sequel of “Koutetsu no Daitenshi” as the lovey-dovey couples increase in the sexually charged battlefront!!

Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta dj - Family Visit

#2739 Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta dj - Family Visit

Alternative: 家庭訪問 , Datenshi dj - Family Visit
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Comedy , Doujinshi , Yaoi

Colonel Rosenberg conducting a home visit to his subordinates' homes.

General Dandy

#555 General Dandy

Alternative: None
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Adult , Comedy , One Shot , Smut , Yaoi

Love in the battlefront...

By Backlash67:

Legendary Lt. Franz Hellman is captured by the Allied Army General Wenzke. Gen. Wenzke uses physical torture and pleasurable techniques to “interrogate” Lt. Hellman. His interrogation of Lt. Hellman is to learn the name of Lt. Hellman’s lover(s?) as well as what excites Lt. Hellman, in which he succeeds. But is that all to these two soldiers’’ story…

Hagakure no Koi

#2984 Hagakure no Koi

Alternative: 葉隠の恋
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Comedy , Historical , Yaoi

A highly satisfying collection of shorts featuring both lovely art and good writing. As is usually the case with this author, the historical tales are more appealing than the ones in modern settings.

1) Romance Hidden In The Leaves

2) The Road Through Dreams

3) Sign of A World's Love

4) Dacing Foam on Jade Skin

5) Gentle Darkness

6) A Snow White Chest

Ijimetaihodo Aishiteru

#1131 Ijimetaihodo Aishiteru

Alternative: イジメたいほど愛してる , Ijimetai hodo aishiteru
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin

Collection of oneshot

1) Ijimetaihodo Aishiteru
Takashi has been bullying Haruki since they were children. But he's an idiot, and Haruki always manipulates him. Will these two ever sort out their feelings for each other?

2) The Fox's Wedding
The Fox's Wedding- Tohru has just quit his job, broken up with his fiancee and moved back home. And it's all because of his supervisor, Hanao! But Hanao is more than he appears to be...

3)Foreign Culture Communication
A historical story! Commodore "Just call me Darling," is new to Japan and is given a young, beautiful and incredibly naive translator named Haneda Takayuki. Darling is smitten with his "Honey", but will the culture differences be too much for them?

4)Little Lost Lamb
Kamiya Inoru's parents run a Catholic church (?) and he helps out by listening to confessions. When classmate Shiba Youichi comes in and confesses that he's in love with his classmate, Kamiya, the priest substitute can't resist seeing how far Shiba will go for forgiveness...
Warning: Dirty things happen in a church, and with religious objects. Also, the author doesn't know much about Catholicism.

5)Educational Affections

Kinpeibai Kinden Honoo no Kuchizuke

#120 Kinpeibai Kinden Honoo no Kuchizuke


Kinnen is a son of a famous prostitute, when his mother becomes sick, he sees no other way to survive than to become a sex toy of a rich Chinese noblemen, despite the protests from Bushou, who loves him. Years pass; Bushou has not forgotten about Kinnen…

Kirigakure no Koi

#816 Kirigakure no Koi

Alternative: Love in Dense Fog
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin

Rookie ninja Mozu was entrusted with a dangerous mission-- to assassinate his master's master, the rumored ninja defector, Tobimaru! To help Mozu with this impossible mission, his master, Kirimaru, must teach Mozu how to lure Tobimaru with sex!

Koi no Tsubo

#3071 Koi no Tsubo

Alternative: Love's Pressure Point , 恋の経穴
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Drama , Historical , Romance , Yaoi

"The solution to all love problems is sex." So prescribes Doctor Meishuu to his love sick patients. But when a patient confesses his love for the dear Doctor, can Doctor Meishuu still continue to stand by his philosophy?

A series of one-shots with the recurring character of Doctor Meishuu.

Koutetsu no Daitenshi

#322 Koutetsu no Daitenshi

Alternative: 鋼鉄の大天使 , The Dictatorial Archangel
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

Consists of the following parts:

Ch1: Silently, give yourself to me (oneshot)
Ch2: Strike Song (oneshot)
Ch3: As long as you do it with love (oneshot)
Ch4: Dictatorial Archangel
Ch5: The Archangel's Bride
Extras: Cololonel Rosenberg's Diary
[notice: because ch4, ch5 & extras belong together, they were compiled to one file from Fantasyshrine]

(To ch4/ch5/extras: ) "After his older brother died in the war, Hans has no one if not for Colonel Michel Rosenberg who took him under his wing. Despite the Colonel’s cocky attitude which Hans dislikes, the orphaned boy couldn’t help but respond to the Colonel’s sexual advances.
But where does a wedding and a honeymoon in the battlefield fit in the story?!
prequel to ' Datenshi ni Sasageru Uta '

The book also includes 3 oneshots: a boy who seduces his older brother’s friend, a high school student who volunteers to be the collateral for his brother’s loan, etc… sexy, scandalous love stories with sweet temptations."
[all descriptions were taken from Fantasy Shrine]

Kudan no Kuroneko

#370 Kudan no Kuroneko

Alternative: 件の黒猫 , Black Cat of Matter , Black Cat of the Aforementioned , Kudan no Kuraneko
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin

Fantasy Shrine:

Chapter 1-3: Black Cat of The Matter
After rescuing Maya, the descendant of the Cat God who was injured from his unsuccessful first mission, Yujiro begins to feel a strong desire for the beautiful feline. Does Yujiro know that Maya is on a recovery mission for the calamity bells? This is a love that crosses the boundary of race.
Warning: Tentacle rape in chapter 3.

Chapter 4: Fox of The Matter
Can love between a deity and his priest be strong enough to defy everything?

Chapter 5: Crystal of Love (Continuation from Black Cat of the Matter)
What happens when a deity and a human find true love together?

Mada Koi Towa Shirazu ni

#464 Mada Koi Towa Shirazu ni

Alternative: まだ恋とは知らずに
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Drama , Historical , Yaoi

Set during the Keiou era of Japan. In the restlessness before the storm of revolution, the heir of a wealthy samurai family meets a beautiful young man.

A beautiful and heartbreaking period drama which Mizukami is so good at. This one starts off kind of depressing, but keep reading!

Mugen no Roukaku

#525 Mugen no Roukaku

Alternative: 夢幻の楼閣 , Dreamy Pavilion
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Drama , Historical , Tragedy , Yaoi

1) Dreamy Pavilion
Like the famous Chinese beauty he played on the stage in the Peking opera "Farewell My Concubine", Hien longed for a love worth dying for. Will Seijo, a foster son of an eunuch, fulfill Hien's wish?

2) Harem for Two
Upon founding their nation, Genko-sama suddenly declared of building his own harem, what will Josei do?

3-4) Resigned Decision
Comedic one about a yakuza-wannabe and a policeman.

5) Pavilion of Destruction
Prequel oneshot of the merchant Saimon (Cimen in this manga) of Kinpeibai Kinden Honoo no Kuchizuke


#3980 Rikara

Alternative: 利火羅 りから , Lingering Attachment
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Drama , Historical , Yaoi

A collection of five short stories:

1) Rikara
Seiten is the illegitimate son of the King. He's considered to be an insult to his kind and his brothers make fun of him by humiliating him and his position. It's thanks to Rikara, a prisoner (or as Seiten would say: a fallen angel) that he finds the strength to fight and win back his life.

2) Rougoku ni Saku Hana
A stern magistrate, Hakuto, is habouring unrequitted love for a superior and seeks a quiet spot i which to shed his tears but finds more than he imagined in the form of forgotten prisoner Doukoku.

3) Lingering Attachment (Miren)
After all else is destroyed a general and his lord come to know each other's feelings.

4) Bed de Kimi to
After graduating high school two soccer team mates enjoy life as newly weds but have problems finding time to be alone.

5) Tag Out!
When baseball captain Tamaki hit a stray ball into the principal's office he never expected it would lead to him becoming a servant for the young, handsome and rich school alumni Shinobu.

NOTE: Chapters 1-3 are set in ancient China, whereas chapters 4-5 are set in the modern day Japan.

Rikugun Renai Shikan Gakkou

#13258 Rikugun Renai Shikan Gakkou

Alternative: 陸軍恋愛士官学校 , Imperial Army Love Academy
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Adult , Comedy , Historical , Romance , Yaoi

From Fantasy Shrine:

The Instructor Demands ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE!!
A Forceful Love Between An Army Officer And His Student!?

During WWII in Japan, Yamato came to the Imperial Army Academy with the dream of becoming an officer! However, during his entrance exam, an elite instructor named Onizuka pushed him down—!!

The super scandalous love between an egotistic instructor and a prideful top student on campus!!

Ryoshuu Reijin

#217 Ryoshuu Reijin

Alternative: None
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Drama , Historical , Mature , Romance , Yaoi

[from Fantasy Shrine:]
A prisoner of war with beautiful dark eyes was shattered of all pride & dignity by a colonel who couldn't help but be drawn to his prisoner's mysterious eyes...

Sennen ni Hitotsu no Koi

#2514 Sennen ni Hitotsu no Koi


Compilation of short stories:

1) 1000 Years, I Love
Hakua is sent into the mountains by the village to kill a ferocious tiger that has been attacking villages. The tiger, mistaking him for a girl, drags Hakua into the mountains to become his mate. Love soon blossoms as Hakua must teach this half human creature the meanings of his new found emotions.

2) 1000 Years, I Love Extra
Their love going strong, Hakua decides to go back to the village. Naturally Youko tags along and runs into some trouble in the human world.

3) Lying Words Honest Kiss
A slave merchant Kouhaku steals a beautiful boy Enji to sell him to a public house. Little did he know that the boy wouldn��™t mind at all.

4) Fallen Warrior
A doctor��™s apprentice Suiki finds a wounded samurai in the forest and takes him to his home to treat. The samurai Genka is really bad-tempered and the boy has bad history with samurai.

5) The Flower of Love
Story about an artist Sekka and a beautiful boy Joka he saves who later comes to serve as his model.

6) The Path of Pure Love

Shinyuu Henjou!

#758 Shinyuu Henjou!

Alternative: 親友返上! , Give Up Keeping Best Friends. , Shinyuu Henjou
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Adult , Comedy , Romance , School Life , Smut , Yaoi

Shino Satomi is jilted by a girl because she does not feel his "manliness". He is comforted by his best friend, Mamoru Hasegawa, but fails to enter the school of his first choice. Both enter the same all-boy high school, very unique school because most students are homosexual! They occupy the same room in the dormitory and Mamoru hides his love for Shino and keeps guard against the other students...

Ushirokara Dakishimete

#2653 Ushirokara Dakishimete

Alternative: うしろから抱きしめて , Love Must Persevere! , A Hug From Behind
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Comedy , School Life , Yaoi

Compilation of 3 short stories revolving around a pair of student.

Wasuretai Itoshii Hito

#582 Wasuretai Itoshii Hito

Alternative: The Love I'd Rather Forget
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Historical , One Shot , Smut , Yaoi

~Fantasy Shrine~
"Even after he forcefully ravished my body... my heart still yearns for him!"

Zenmon no Tora Koumon no Okami

#734 Zenmon no Tora Koumon no Okami

Alternative: 前門の虎・後門の狼 , Storm , Wolf at the Back Gate, Tiger at the Front Gate , Zenmon no Tora, Koumon no Ookami
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Drama , Historical , Yaoi

Lacking in polities, the more than capable Captain Jotetsu was never promoted. One day, while on his mission of conquering the mountain thieves led by Rou (wolf) and Rekko (fiery tiger), the supposed conquerer Jotetsu became the conqueree?
(summary taken from Fantasyshrine)

NOTE: First 5 chapters done by Desperate Love should be read left to right.

Zense to Gense to Kimi to Ore

#2262 Zense to Gense to Kimi to Ore

Alternative: 前世と現世と君と俺 , Our Previous Existence , Our Previous Existence, This World, You and Me , You In My Jewelled Mirror , Zenseto Genseto Kimito Ore
Authors/Artists: Mizukami Shin
Genres: Drama , Fantasy , Yaoi

He stopped in a local coffee shop to get out of the rain. When high school student Takashi met the beautiful shopkeeper Isao, it was love at first sight. When one of the regular customers, a fortune teller, comes in, Takashi gets a fortune from his previous life and a time skip back to Ancient Egypt! What awaits him there is a love triangle that transcends time and space.

Also contains additional story You In My Jeweled Mirror:
After being abandoned by his parents, a young boy meets a mysterious man, a fox god who will take care of him, if the boy will pray to his shrine...
- Datenshi Blue

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