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Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru

#2575 Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru

Alternative: あの人と似てない唇 , Ano Hito to niténaï Kuchibiru , Double Snake , Lips That Don't Resemble His , The lips, not resembling his ones
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Yaoi

Collection of short stories:

1) Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru
Kaji was in love with his sempai for years but his sempai got married and had a child. Kaji takes care of the kid and watches him growing up...

2) Kuchibiru Kara Biyaku
Sequel to Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru

3) Blood
When their father dies, the rival half brothers must sort through their feelings of anger, regret, pain and desire that their lives have been steeped in thus far...

4) Kagari Oni
An exorcist solves a mystery involving demons. Not really a romance, just a historical fantasy story.

5) Datenshitachi no Yoru
S&M relationship between step siblings is taken to extremes.

6) Double Snake
A former gangster has turned into a regular office worker, but he still sleeps with his gangster lover. But one of the newbies doesn't like the fact that his favorite 'boss' is having a relationship with an office worker.


#4201 Cha-K-Ra

Alternative: Cha-K-Ra チャクラ
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Supernatural , Yaoi

A shape-shifter wolf who was once a human, but became a semi-immortal when his lover betrayed and murdered him; adopted an orphaned boy, who is now a young man. They travel together, exorcising evil spirits and demons. Trouble follows and finds them often, but they always manage to come out on the other side, pretty much intact.

Crystal Harem

#3826 Crystal Harem

Alternative: クリスタルハーレム
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Yaoi

Yajima met a gorgeous young man, Ryo, when he was investigating a case. He was mesmerized by Ryo’s eyes and got his badge stolen instead. Who is Ryo? What does he want? And who was the man living in Yajima’s heart? The tormenting memories are coming back again…

Double Snake

#7590 Double Snake

Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Drama , Romance , Yaoi

This is actually part of a series of oneshots called "Lips That Don't Resemble His" aka "Anohito to Nitenai Kuchibiru". However, most of them are quite average and uninteresting.

A former gangster has turned into a regular office worker, but he still sleeps with his gangster lover. But one of the newbies doesn't like the fact that his favorite 'boss' is having a relationship with an office worker.

Hisho no Territory

#4253 Hisho no Territory

Alternative: 秘书的恋曲 , 秘書の領分 , A Secretarys Territory
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Comedy , Romance , Yaoi

Collection of short stories from 1999-2003:

-An Incomplete Perfection:
Shinohara Yuu is in love with his boss (Yae Gashi from Yojouhan Sweet Home), but his boss already has a boyfriend. So Kakinuma Daishi, his childhood friend agrees to take the place of Shinohara's boss and sleep with him.

It's Daishi birthday, however Shinohara completly forgot about it. But don't worry - Daishi will find a way to take suitable present from Shinohara.

-Secretary's Territory
Daishi is writing a scenario about life of secretarys. He use Shinoharas office as reference material.

-Honeymoon River
Daishi takes Shinohara on trip in mountains.

-Scaling the Mountain of Love

-The Smiling Assasin
Michihara has in company always making mistakes (='clumsy'wink and apologize with smile Tamaki.

Hisuiiro no Kaze

#1140 Hisuiiro no Kaze

Alternative: 翡翠色の風 , 翡翠色(グリーン・ジェイド)の風 , Green Jade no Kaze , Wind of the Green Jade
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Romance , Yaoi

The so-called “Hard-boiled man” famous novelist, Takamura, came to a seaside village and encountered a youth named Midori, who bewitched Takamura with his jade green eyes. But before the cynical novelist realized it, he was dragged into a small hostel ran by Midori’s family! Later, Takamura learned that both Midori and him shared similar heartbreaking childhood experience, yet Midori never lost his faith and trust. In anger and frustration, Takamura violated Midori! How would these two come to terms with their feelings for each other?

Ieraishan, Moyu

#5875 Ieraishan, Moyu

Alternative: 夜来香、燃ゆ。 , Flaming Ieraishan
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Drama , Historical , Yaoi


The story took place after the 1st World War (the Great War) and prior to the 2nd World War. The heir of a rich viscount was falling in love with a magazine reporter. The “heir boy” died in a house fire. Seven years later, the reporter found his “dead” lover, now a high profile male prostitute. Together, they fell into the darkness of political scandals and human smugglings.

Kodou no Yokan - Vital Zero

#2482 Kodou no Yokan - Vital Zero

Alternative: 鼓動の予感~ヴァイタル・ゼロ~ , Kodou no Yokan , Kodou no Yokan ~Vital Zero~
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Yaoi

From Fantasyshrine:

Advertisement designer, Agaki is completely unaware of his attractiveness to men. This is why he’s in bad terms with his colleague and nemesis, the ace designer Haruna, despite the fact Haruna has always come to his aid more than once. One day, Agaki stumbled across Haruna’s secret! Thinking he finally had the upper hand over his archenemy, Agaki let his guard down. Next thing he knew, he got drunk and ended up getting photographed in a compromising position. Now, Agaki has no choice but to obey Haruna’s sexual advances~
Super-S x clueless M coming together ♥

Kouya no Seifukuou

#3401 Kouya no Seifukuou

Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Comedy , Historical , Romance , Yaoi

A collection of one-shots

1)The Conquest King of a Wasteland- Azim is leader of the "barbarian" troops conquering the land. Prince Ulra from the neighboring kingdom is sent to assassinate him, but things don't always go as planned.

2)Truthful Words- Office worker Kaname's next door neighbor Shouta is a quiet high school student, maybe too quiet! After a night of drinking Kaname can hear Shouta's thoughts, and they're all about Kaname!

3)The Twin's Lover- Poor high school student Youhei lives with rich privileged twins Rei and Jin. He loves them both, but knows he can't live with them forever.

4)Garden- Young Master Masumi has returned to his childhood home and the gardener's grandson he tormented as a child. But Kengo's grown up.

5)The Love Call of the Master- Yuuki wakes up chained to a bed! Sold to a pervert by his father, will Yuuki succumb to his Master?

6)Paradise- Contiuation of chapter one.

Sekuhara Shiokinin

#6363 Sekuhara Shiokinin

Alternative: セクハラ仕置人 , 性骚扰处置人 , Sexual Harassment Punisher
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Comedy , Drama , Yaoi

A story about the Sexual Harassment Punisher, Sakakibara, and his assistants - how they ‘punish’ those around them. Some comedy and BSDM themes, plus drama and action.

Shitsuji Hiiragi

#3946 Shitsuji Hiiragi

Alternative: 執事・柊 , The Butler Hiiragi
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Adult , Yaoi

Not Available

Usagi to Ookami no Shinshi Kyoutei

#1781 Usagi to Ookami no Shinshi Kyoutei

Alternative: ウサギと狼の紳士協定 , The Gentlemen's Agreement between a Rabbit and a Wolf , Usagi to Ookami no Shinshikyoutei
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano
Genres: Comedy , Romance , Smut , Yaoi

Togawa Ryouji is the new sales employee of a Toy Company. He and Kairou Reiji came into the company at the same time. They are just like water and oil and can never get along with each other. The management wanted them to cooperate to do sales out in the streets. Kairou always annoyed Togawa with his words during work. But when Togawa saw the nude back of Kairou in the changing room, he actually had a nosebleed!?

Yojouhan Sweet Home

#454 Yojouhan Sweet Home

Alternative: 4 jouhan Sweet Home , 4畳半Sweet Home , Sweet Prison , Yojouhan Sweet Home - Northmen
Authors/Artists: Oumi Shinano

Series of short stories revolving around a poor builder and a wealthy proprieter, including:

1) Sweet Home- Mizuho is living on the edge of poverty in a 4.5 tatami mat room (7.5 square meters) due to his family's debt. One day he collapsed from hunger and is carried home by his unruly coworker Yae-san. Is the willful Yae truly what he appears to be?

2) Sweet Prisoner- A misunderstanding leads to S&M.

3) Sweet Worker- A coworker takes an interest in Mizuho.

4) Sweet Memories- Mizuho's old apartment is being torn down.

5) Northmen
Takes place in the time of the Vikings.

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