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Aitsu to Ore

#2451 Aitsu to Ore

Alternative: あいつと俺。
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami

Takeru’s mother is about to remarry. That is a great opportunity for Takeru to live with a real family and, most of all, to have a big brother, Shin. Things do not actually turn out the way he expected, though.

One day, while waiting for his girlfriend, Takeru hears a couple of people discussing about money for sexual favours. Curious, he turns around to check out the chick, but it turns that both parties are male. However, what shocks Takeru more is when he realizes that the one prostituting himself is Shin, his new stepbrother…

First volume extra : Shounen S.

There's also a book of various doujinshi called Renai Junkie. The fifth story is a spinoff of Aitsu to Ore called Newly-Wed

Denkou Sekka Boys

#770 Denkou Sekka Boys

Alternative: None , 電光石火BOYS , Thunderbolt Boys
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami

From Hochuuami:

Four-eyed Nobita is ignored by everyone at school or they highly suspect he's an anime dork. Little does he know, sexy Ritsu has been staring at him from afar. What happens when the glasses come off and what's next... the shirts?

Note: The story is unfinished because the mangaka passed away.


Only You (TOHJOH Asami)

#206 Only You (TOHJOH Asami)

Alternative: For You , Violent Passion - Indulgent Tyrant
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami
Genres: School Life , Yaoi

Except for story 5 and 6, the other chapters have Yuuki and Doujima as main characters! That means these are not oneshots but a very hot story about school boys.

1) Only You -
Doujima is a captain and the only member of his Judo club of his high school. In order to prevent his club from being shut down due to the lack of members, he tries to recruit the reluctant, number-one judo member from junior high, Yuuki. Will Yuuki join the Judo club and how does Doujima tempt him?

2) Lovin' You

3) With You

4) For You -
Does sempai love him? Will sempai remember his birthday? The way this junior shows his love is by taking sempai!

5) Breathless

6) Violent Passion - Indulgent Tyrant -
Fujikawa-sensei is working part-time at a host club to pay off a debt he had co-signed for. The vice-principal of the school threatens to expose him if Fujikawa doesn't become his boy-toy, but Fujikawa is saved by the intervention of a student, Kagaya. But it turns out to be a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire. Kagaya helps resolve the debt for Fujikawa-sensei, but he makes the sensei pay with his body. Will the sensei be able to get out of this situation before he starts to like it?

7) Happy Days

8) Give me Senpai

Taiyou ni Nurete

#3702 Taiyou ni Nurete

Alternative: 太陽に濡れて , Soaked by the Sun
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami

1-2) Soaked by the Sun
A beautiful transfer student, Takayama is weak and often absent from the PE lesson, because he has an allergy to sunshine. He is bullied by other students, but a very handsome & cool student, Kasai tries to help him.

3) Mosaic Boy
Hero has changed into a girl when his pulse increases since a bisexual butterfly genes were injected into him by his father, a mad scientist. He is loved by a handsome classmate.

4) Scramble Papa
The heroine's boyfriend is forced to train for the role of Yamato Nadeshiko - true japanese virtuous woman - and goes to see her father to bargain directly

5) Goodbye Hello
A jinx is moved by another boy who prays for his lover's luck with a simple heart.

Thunderbolt Boys: Excite

#892 Thunderbolt Boys: Excite

Alternative: Chouhatsu - Denkou Sekka Boys - , Chouhatsu Denkou Sekka Boys , Chouhatsu ~Denkou Sekka Boys~ , Denkou Sekka Boys -Chouhatsu- , Thunderbolt Boys Excite
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami
Genres: Comedy , Drama , School Life , Smut , Yaoi

[Continuation of Denkou Sekka Boys]

Kodaka Natsui, a naturally beautiful young boy, and a drop-dead gorgeous rich kid named Ritsu Yasaka both work as models.
One day, their agency requires both boys to attend an overnight retreat. Kodaka decides he wants to become a man worthy of Ritsu, so he begins to undergo training under Ritsu's more salacious ways than one! When he finds out what's going on, Ritsu can no longer suppress his overwhelming desire.

Also contains several oneshots in Volume 2:

Waru Amai Mitsu


#6939 Urimasu!

Alternative: I'll Sell Myself!
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami
Genres: One Shot , Yaoi

A Oneshot from Denkou Sekka Boys : Chouhatsu volume 2

Tsubasa doesn't like studying and can't hold down a job, but he still wants to wear cool clothes and live in a designer apartment. So, to accomplish that he decides to sell himself to men for "one night only". And he wont go "all the way" with them either!

Waru Amai Mitsu

#2729 Waru Amai Mitsu

Alternative: None
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami
Genres: Smut , Yaoi

A Oneshot from Denkou Sekka Boys : Chouhatsu volume 2
A police officer is attacked by a pervert in the middle of his very important assignment guarding the high school student son of a politician.

X Kai

#14005 X Kai

Alternative: X -kai- , X Kai , X-kai , x-kai
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami

From Tokyopop:
Kaito Yagami is a florist/gardener by day and a hired assassin by night. He kills using plants to make money to care for his brother who is confined in a hospital.


#4597 XY

Alternative: None
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami
Genres: Drama , Mature , Yaoi

Nagisa and Takaya are cousins, both brought up by Takaya's mother since the death of Nagisa's mother. While Takaya is boy with a bright personality, Nagisa feels himself sullied, because his stepmother rapes him on a regular basis.

An extra of this story can be found in Yoiko no Sumu Machi.

Yoiko no Sumu Machi

#921 Yoiko no Sumu Machi

Alternative: Good Children , The Town in Which Good Children Live
Authors/Artists: Tohjoh Asami
Genres: Comedy , School Life , Smut , Yaoi

1) Fevered Glance or Heated Look (Netsu Shisen)- High school playboy Tsuji can't understand why his best friend Mitsuse turns down girl after girll. When Mitsuse admits to having a crush on a male classmate, Tsuji is floored. Will he ever be able to look at his friend the same way again?

2) Piercing the Heart With a Kiss (Heart wo Kiss de Sasu)
Continuation of one.

3) XY - We'll Go to the Festival (XY - Omatsuri de Ikkou) : extra of the story XY.- Takaya loves chocolate bananas and his friend Nagisa, so combining them...

4) Shy Us (Uchiki na Bokura)- A perverted teacher preys on his junior high students, but is he really the one controlling things?

5) That's Why We Fall in Love (Dakara Bokura wa Koi wo Suru)- The perverted sensei is back, but he's not touching the one person he should be.

6) The Town in Which Good Children Live (Yoiko no Sumu Machi) (3 chapters). A perverted shopkeeper deals with a shoplifter, a selfish dog owner, and a thief in his own unique ways.

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