Bukiyou na Silent

Bukiyou na Silent
Rating Average 9.7 / 10 out of 672456 total votes.
Rank 77th, it has 2045 monthly views.
Alternative 不器用なサイレント ; Awkward Silence ; Clumsy Silent ; Ohne viele Worte ; Mi vergogno da morire! (Italian) ; Onhandige Stilte (Dutch) ; Silence maladroit (French) ; Ohne viele Worte (German) ; Silêncio desajeitado (Portuguese) ; Silencio torpe (Spanish)
Author(s) Takanaga Hinako
Artist(s) Takanaga Hinako
Genre(s) Comedy ; Mystery ; Romance ; School Life ; Sports ; Yaoi
Type Japanese Manga - Read from right to left.
Status Ongoing


From Miista MangaFox:

Bukiyou na Silent focuses on the dramatic love life of a teenage boy named Toono Satoru. Satoru has the longest crush he's ever had, on the school baseball player, Tamiya Keigo, who he watches from the art room window. One day, Satoru is asked to go on a date by Keiga, but all Satoru can do is stand there, emotionless, without saying a word. Little does Keiga know, is that deep inside Satoru, he is really shocked, amazed, surprised and literally speechless. Misunderstanding Satoru's impression, Keiga says to forget about it and tries to walk away, before Satoru grabs hold of him and accepts his request.

Throughout the relationship, complications, jealousy and an old friend, arise to make the two lovers situation problematic. As Keiga thinks that showing no emotion is hereditary in Satoru's family, he slowing begins to understand the feelings and emotions Satoru silently portrays.

From the author, Takanaga Hinako, perfectly portrays the notion of the teenage feeling of sexual tension, that will even have the reader understanding the emotions Satoru tries to convey. Read and discover whether the young boys conquer the challenge love awaits for them.

The series 'Bukiyou na Silent' has been categorized as 'mature', therefore may contain intense violence, blood/gore, sexual content and/or strong language that may not be appropriate for underage viewers.

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Volume: 3

Volume: 2

Volume: 1

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